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Horizon Theory is a next generation customer experience company, with a focus on the metrics and ROI associated with implementing a great customer experience strategy.

Horizon Theory sees the bigger picture. We know that your brand is the sum of its touchpoints and that putting the customer first is essential to securing a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Combining our expertise and creative approach, we partner with our clients to create a meaningful and relevant customer experience, consistently and expertly delivered at every point of contact in the customer journey.

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Our CX Services

Our approach to any engagement involves us sitting with your team and doing a lot of listening; we are solution agnostic and always strive to include the voice of the customer in our journey with you.

Below are some of our key customer experience services:


Customer Experience Strategy

Development of transformative customer strategy that effectively and profitably aligns customer needs to business operations and outcomes. 

Customer Research and Insights Development

Customer Research & Insights Development

Empirical, accurate and effective insights development (based on the jobs to be done methodology).

Design-led Innovation

Design-led Innovation

Design-led, human-centric approach to meet the innovation needs of the business, it’s people, the required processes and possible technologies.

Voice of the Customer Measurement

Voice of the Customer Measurement 

Development and implementation of VOC measurement frameworks and tools to measure and optimise customer experience strategy.

Data and Analytics

Data & Analytics

The transformation of data into value through advanced analytics such as predictive modelling, scenario planning and AI based algorithms.

Technology Enablement

Technology enablement

Auditing and remediation planning for technology environments to align with the enablement requirements of the customer experience strategy.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping

Visualisation of the central organising point for customer experience. The customer journey is developed with key qualitative insights.

Stakeholder Training and Enablement

Stakeholder training & enablement

Embedding customer centricity across all functional areas of the business, empowering employees to deliver superior customer experiences.

CX Activation Process

Putting together a great customer experience strategy will not deliver results on its own, we work closely with your team and our partner network to activate and deliver results against your customer experience strategy.

Below is our four step customer experience activation process:


1. Discover

2. CX Business Case

3. Design

4. Activate

Our Partner Network

Below are some of the fields of expertise that our partner network can deliver within:




Data & Integration

Technology Hardware




Advanced Analytics / AI


Employee Engagement


“Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the year 2020.”
- Walker
"Maximising satisfaction with customer journeys has the potential to increase customer satisfaction by 20%, and lift revenue by up to 15%.”
- McKinsey & Company
“72% of businesses say that improving the customer experience is their top priority.”
- Forrester

THe Team

The Horizon Theory team is comprised of four customer experience specialist owner/operators. With more than 80 years of customer focused experience, we offer a blend of competencies that help organisations to deliver memorable customer experiences at every touchpoint. We are passionate about creating massive value in the relationships between brands and their customers.

Horizon Theory Team 2018
Bronwyn Hounsom

Bronwyn Hounsom

Bronwyn’s 21 years in marketing and advertising, both at managerial, director and ownership level have given her a solid strategic capability. With in-depth knowledge into the world of loyalty, she adds a unique level of expertise in customer engagement and retention. Her structured approach to every project and endless supply of sustenance ensure that the team is delivering according to deadlines and have full stomachs while doing so.

Jason Levine

Jason Levine

With over 22 years of experience behind him, Jason seamlessly blends business strategy and customer experience strategy to meet the needs of our clients in the digital transformation space. His strategic mind and ability to make sense out of complex problems is an irreplaceable asset to the team. His artful wit and comical banter keep the team on their toes.

Juliette Krige

Juliette Krige

Over 15 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industries in managerial, director and ownership roles, enables Juliette to offer the team and our clients a blend of strategic and creative thinking capability. Juliette brings her passionate nature into everything she does and is the life and energy of all our meetings. There is never a dull moment when she is around.

Kim Bell

Kim Bell

With his background in the advertising industry and working closely with many creative teams, Kim brings creative thinking and expertise in all things “tech” to the team. Kim is always finding digital ways to move Horizon Theory and our clients into new territory and is passionate about creatively solving business challenges.


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