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Horizon Theory is a next generation customer experience company, with a focus on the metrics and ROI associated with implementing a great customer experience strategy.

Horizon Theory sees the bigger picture. We know that your brand is the sum of its touchpoints and that putting the customer first is essential to securing a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Combining our expertise and creative approach, we partner with our clients to create a meaningful and relevant customer experience, consistently and expertly delivered at every point of contact in the customer journey.

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Our CX Services

Our approach to any engagement involves us sitting with your team and doing a lot of listening; we are solution agnostic and always strive to include the voice of the customer in our journey with you.

Below are some of our key customer experience services:


Customer Experience Strategy


Customer Research and Insights Development


Experience Design and Innovation


Customer Experience Program Implementation


Value Proposition Development


Customer Journey Mapping

“Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the year 2020.”
- Walker
"Maximising satisfaction with customer journeys has the potential to increase customer satisfaction by 20%, and lift revenue by up to 15%.”
- McKinsey & Company
“72% of businesses say that improving the customer experience is their top priority.”
- Forrester

CX Blueprint

All important undertakings start with a blueprint, a crucial plan that determines the variables for success or failure and guides those responsible with the implementation of the plan. Likewise we always develop a CX Blueprint for all our engagements.

Customer insight

A smart Business Strategy, Brand Strategy and CX Strategy start with some key customer insights. Better customer journeys will be built as a consequence, and better experiences will be designed for the customer.

We look at the whole business stack, from people to process to technology, and the impact it will have on the success of your customer experience strategy.

Operational Activities

There are many operational activities that influence the success of any digital transformation, from leadership mindset (and whether there is ownership and accountability) to whether there is organisational wide adoption of the new processes and culture via change management.

We encourage ongoing customer research and the continuous measurement and optimisation of all CX activities.

CX Scorecard

Anyone can put together a great customer experience strategy but unless you are measuring the impact of your strategy on real business objectives you are wasting your time.

Defining a set of principles for a particular touchpoint is just the start, we measure customer satisfaction by developing a gap analysis for each touchpoint. Our unique research methodology not only helps us understand the customers ‘job to be done’ but also helps us determine relevant priorities.

CX Activation Process

Putting together a great customer experience strategy will not deliver results on its own, we work closely with your team and our partner network to activate and deliver results against your customer experience strategy.

Below is our four step customer experience activation process:


1. Discover

2. CX Business Case

3. Design

4. Activate

Our Partner Network

Below are some of the fields of expertise that our partner network can deliver within:




Data & Integration

Technology Hardware




Advanced Analytics / AI


Employee Engagement



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